Meet Maxwell Vice

      My name is Maxwell Vice, and I am the Producer/Editor in Chief of Ice Vice Magazine. We are a QPOC publication based in NYC, ran entirely by young artist from around the city, with the mission to put young Black/Brown & Queer artist to the forefront. More information can be found on my magazines website, but aside from my zine it is my goal to provide a bridge into the industry for artists like myself, and provide equity for young QPOC in the industry. I am the primary Producer / Photographer / Casting Director / Editor / MUA  + Stylist for my magazine, and freelance in these fields across the city. Aside from juggling this, I also work as a Actor/Model anytime I can, especially when given the chance to give visibility to Latin & Non Binary people in the industry. Booking talent such as myself is crucial into providing diverse and safer spaces for artists such as myself, as I carry an entire team of young QPOC artists like myself wherever I go. 
     If you need a Photographer with a unique eye, a Makeup Artist with a wicked skill, or a Producer to create content that NO OTHER can compare to, then consider booking a person like me. My art is incomparable to anything going on in the world, because I’m making it not for you or for me...I’m making it for us. 
Feel free to contact me with any inquires about rates / availabilities / producing inquiries 



Skills / Assets

Maxwell Vice (They/Them)

21 years old

5'7 - 125lbs - Black Wavy Hair

Latin/Chinese Mix

NYC Native based in Ridgewood Queens.

Model - MUA - Producer - Director - Photographer

Proficent in ALL adobe softwears + website coding/development.

Credits Include: Telfar, Gypsy Sport, Weslah, Tumblr, Buzzfeed, Paper Magazine, Dazed Magazine, W Magazine + Office Magazine.